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‘None of us is as smart as all of us’

-Ken Blanchard

Will Peach

4th Year Representative

Hi guys, I’m Will. I’m a British non-traditional medical student with a bit of a complicated story (I’m old). I came into med after a long time travelling and working remotely in marketing and journalism. I’ve lived in Spain, Vietnam, Thailand and Mexico.

Now I’m looking to give back a little and help other students with issues relating to life in med school. I also write regularly on my own site at sharing my tips.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help!

Alina Thomas

5th Year Representative

U.S Representative

Hello! My name is Alina! I am a British/American 6th year student. I’m here to help you with any 5th year help related with exams, revision prep, study material suggestions etc. I am also here to share knowledge on the USA board exams and residency path if anyone is thinking about that for after graduation.
Outside of work and Uni, I have a love for all things art and music along with classical books and reading. I was also a rower, pre university.

Kevin Martens

6th Year Representative

German Representative

My name is Kevin Martens,
Currently I’m a 6th year medical student at the Medical University Varna.
Originally I’m from Germany, Hamburg, where I spend most of my life before moving to Varna.
I enjoy to hang out with friends and do sports. Especially Soccer and Golf are my absolute favorites.
After graduation I will most probably decide to specialize in orthopaedics/traumatology and emergency medicine.
During my previous 5 years at the university, I got a lot of insights of how to organize the daily student regiment. I hope I can be of any help for students that might struggle a bit with the organization of their academic year or have questions in general about certain subjects or others.
As I have already finished the academic semesters, I can help with insights of almost all subjects and can give advises regarding the organization of seminars, the location of seminars or the exams themselves.

Alwin Sonny

U.K Representative

Hi, my name is Alwin, I’m currently a medical student at the university of Plymouth. I enjoy playing (casual) football and spending time with family, friends and church. Having been a previous student at MUV, I am aware of some challenges you may face as medical students and along with the rest of the team will help with advice where needed. Furthermore, I have insight into the similarities and differences of studying medicine in the UK to Bulgaria. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries regarding medical studies in the UK and upcoming ventures in your journey towards working in the UK as a Doctor. I will do my best to answer those or direct you to the relevant information. All the best with your studies.

'Will's Top 4 Tips for Studying Medicine'

Since starting medical school three years ago, there’s one question I’ve been obsessed with; “how can I study medicine more effectively?”

During my fixation, I’ve gone deep into pedagogy (the study of education). Reading books like Make it Stick and Learning How to Learn – as well as hundreds of “how to study” articles, videos and books – has really helped me.

So here’s how I see it…

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