Bulgarian ID

Bulgarian ID F.A.Qs

Getting your Bulgarian ID card can be a nightmare, see the problems most students face.

The migration office in Varna is near the Turkish Orient restaurant. They don’t speak English. We’d recommend you to go with your admissions agent. This is the location of the office:

For non EU students- You must bring the уверение (small piece of paper from uni declaring that you study as a full time student), notarized rental agreement and declaration (to be filled out by your landlord), insurance (translated into bulgarian), and the filled out application form.

For British students- View PDF

There is a translation office right near the main building at this location. The lady there is really sweet and takes approximately 3 days to get it translated. Its the one with the yellow door.

There are a lot of notaries in Varna city. Search the forums section or email us directly to find a suitable one for you.

There is a MoneyGram branch near the office itself. EU students have to pay a total of around 56 levs while Non- EU students should pay 100 levs for the residence permit and 45/90/225 levs according to how fast (30days/10d/3d respectively) you want the card.

Insurance can be obtained from the offices around the migration office. For more info email us directly. Brits can use their EHIC card when applying for the ID.

The ID is valid for 1 year from the date of application for non-EU students.