Academic F.A.Qs

See what’s bothering most students regarding your curriculum and medical studies.

The student office is on the first floor of the main building room 203. Working hours are from 10 A.M to 12 P.M and then again from 1.30 P.M to 3 P.M.

Literatures recommended by the university can be found on each subject’s course material page. Along with this we also provide links to our favorite books and resources.

New students have to fill out the enrollment application online, purchase and fill out the forms from the university book stall as well as the student book (blue diary) and student card. Then go to the office with your fee receipt. Students in higher years should upload their fee receipt on webstudent, and go to the office with your student book and student card.

You can login to your webstudent account using  the username and password provided to you by the uni.

MUV library is on the 2nd floor of the main building and is open from 9 A.M to 9 P.M on Weekdays and from 10 A.M to 6 P.M on Saturdays. This is the official university library website. MUV also provides word class resources for your studies remotely.

The second year anatomy exam is considered one of the toughest in your medicine curriculum. Check out Will Peach’s blog on how to succeed.

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